A tale of a young hero up against impossible odds

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Young told Hawk to read these books. Hawk has had a heck of a time obtaining the first two books, looking in several bookstores across her state. The third remains to be collected. Amazon may be the only hope!

D.M. Cornish is an Australian author, hailing from Adelaide. He is working on a fourth book in this Monster Blood Tattoo series. (It happens to follow a different main character, much to Hawk and Young’s disappointment. They quite enjoy the boy with a girl’s name.)

Amazon’s series description says it better than we could:

Meet Rossamünd, a foundling, a boy with a girl’s name who is about to begin a dangerous life in the service of the Emperor of the Half-Continent. What starts as a simple journey becomes a dangerous and complicated set of battles and decisions. Humans, monsters, unearthly creatures . . . who among these can Rossamünd trust? D. M. Cornish has created an entirely original world, grounded in his own deft, classically influenced illustrations. Foundling is a magic-laced, Dickensian adventure that will transport the reader.

Young was right about these books. The first won the 2006 Aurealis Award Best Young Adult Novel, and made the 2007 Children’s Book Council of Australia Older Readers Book of the Year, Shortlist.

This world, the Half-Continent, is expertly envisioned and filled with intriguing characters, all of which Mr. Cornish has drawn himself. That’s right, he is an amazing illustrator as well.

The Half-Continent is a world at war: humans and monsters have been fighting for centuries. Biotechnology supplies light, engine power, and even, in some cases, superhuman powers. Our hero, Rossamund, leaves the protected, if not fully comfortable, world of the orphanage where he was raised to start a career as a lamplighter outside the city walls. Early in his travels he is diverted from his true path and we discover the Half-Continent and its inhabitants through his adventures.

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There is an IMDB page for a possible movie. If ever this happens, they’d better do it justice! We want to see the large monsters’ rage, able to take out 5 men with muskets, and small monsters camouflage. We want to see the lightning bolt powers, the beautiful bloom in the lamps, and the various forts and towns.

Listen to an Audio interview (2011) of D.M. Cornish, where he shares some of his unique planning, plotting, and writing strategies.

Want More? Go to this website.

Would you like to buy a copy? Go to his Amazon page.

These earn the Hawk and Young seal of approval!



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