Use Your Magical Words

Have you seen the Thermometer at the bottom of the main page? It is displaying the number of pages we’ve written so far. The goal is about 450. We are on page 37. Pretty good for 4 months’ work.

You know what motivates us? YOU! Readers! Writers are NOTHING without readers.

Guess what?

YOU can help us!

1. Two short stories have been added to the webpage navigation bar. Robots Love Techno and The Fifth Step. We’d really like your comments and reviews. While these are more Sci-Fi than the Dragon story we are working on, they are still pretty fun.

Tell us: What do you like? What is unclear? Leave us a comment on the story.

2. At the bottom of this post, feel free to comment on what you’d like to see here on the website, in what form (video, audio, pictures, stories, blog posts), or even just a note to say how you found us. We LOVE comments!

3. Note: This summer there are plans to expand into YouTube for informative videos. Do you have any topic ideas? Tell us about them!

4. Besides commenting, you can follow our facebook page. You can tell us about your ideas there, too.

Since the days way back when we met on a micro-fiction writing website, we’ve learned that commenting and supporting one another is a powerful force. It created our dynamic duo. Your comments seem trivial, but they carry a mighty power. Words are magical.


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