Movie Review: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Hawk and Young both saw Guardians of the Galaxy Volume Two in their respective states and towns 750 miles apart. No matter the distance, we both agree that the movie was great.

Each character developed and played a role in the movie, exactly how director James Gunn had planned. There were no women hanging around just to be eye candy. The supporting actors weren’t red shirts.

While the movie is driven by Star Lord’s quest to discover his Father and learn his divine destiny, there is another fatherly message portrayed.

The Character of Yondu (seen above) is the abusive step-father who takes on a new role as Quill (Star Lord) begins to change his view of the blue-faced man who controls an arrow with whistle commands and a red mohawk. The idea is that the trials he forced the young boy to endure were for his own good. Children never see that the punishments they receive, or the trials they go through, (which seem sooo unfair) are really what’s best for them. Yondu shows his affection at the end in a way that even his clan of Ravagers, whom he was excommunicated from, acknowledge as heroic. His story is that there is hope for everyone and goodness can be found in the dark hearts.

It’s about family and friendship and seeking short term goals to survive long enough to have long term ones. The characters bond, bicker, tease, and rescue each other during huge space fights. The opening action scene where they are all parenting Baby Groot because he won’t stay back out of the action is genius. There are jokes, antics, and plenty of action. Movie lines are sure to be quoted for years to come.

Rocket: Are we really saving the galaxy, again?

Peter Quill: Yeah.

Rocket: Great! We can jack up our prices if we’re two-time galaxy savers!


This is best sequel since Empire. James Gunn presented even trickier and more malevolent villains. Even the villains have character development! Then, to top it off, he gave us the most gangster, cuddly, tiny Ravager in the galaxy: Baby Groot.

Groot is a huge draw for movie goers because he is absolutely adorable. This is the character for the t-shirts and merchandise. True to form, he maintains the innocent ability to only speak his name. We look to the other characters to interpret his monosyllabic language, which results in comedy most of the time. His grasp of our language is tenuous as well, displayed in a scene where it takes him all night to follow simple directions. Yet, care is taken to ensure that he rests on capable shoulders while in flight, or in a firm grip for his safety and preservation as dangerous situations befall the crew. When it all comes down to the tiny tree, we cheer him on as his focus finally grows.

Stay for the end credits. Teenage Groot should have his own TV show!

This movie couldn’t have been any better if would have had Godzilla vs. Mecha Mel Brooks…well, maybe.


Reference: Every Character Has a Plot


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