Writing Motivation

While we are not close to finishing a first draft by a long shot, it is important that we reward ourselves for the milestones we do accomplish.

Achievement happens one step at a time, one small win at a time.

Growth often occurs before our eyes. The other day I was cleaning up old picture files and came across a photo of myself only 4 years ago. I was struck by how I’d aged! When did that happen?! Aging, growth, is a slow process. It happens while we are busy with the daily tasks and small steps needed to get from one place to another. If we don’t reward ourselves as we go, we’ll lose all motivation to keep going.

“Why am I doing this anyway? I’ve been doing this for so long and I’m not getting anywhere.”

If you’ve ever felt  like that, either you can’t see the progress, or you need to reevaluate your goal and its steps.

We’ve been a little sidetracked by short stories lately. For the last month we’ve been editing and submitting short stories for peer review. The reviews have been very helpful! While this seems like we have wandered from the path of our novel, it’s actually building support for it. How awesome would it be to not only have a novel to share, but a book of short stories with which we can sweeten the deal? Single stories that don’t make the cut for the anthology can be given away as free downloadable gifts. Who doesn’t like a gift?

The point is to keep writing. Even if it’s not for the novel, it’s still practice, it’s still going to become integral to our launch, and it’s still keeping us in sync and motivated. Cheers to writing! All writing is us living out our dreams.

This tweet says it best. It’s in response to NaNoWriMo that asks how to beat that-which-shall-not-be-named. Even if it’s crap, just do it.

And then celebrate it.

Hawk needs to feel she is writing for someone else. That’s easy to do when she has a writing partner. She also uses microfiction to self-motivate at times. When that fails, she might color or doodle or watch some shows she finds inspiring.

Young prefers to listen to music. He has a playlist for the characters or scenes in a book. Whenever he hears those songs, he thinks about their next scenes.

How do you self-motivate? Comment below. We read and respond to all comments.


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