Spider-Man: Homecoming

Young’s Awesome Movie Review


This was one of marvel ‘s premiere movies. For once they spent the money on writing. As writers, we appreciate good writing.

They got me smiling, then laughing, then when it was over, I was hooked.”

There were plot twists and character development, and last but not least an overweight Philippino sidekick.

Micheal Keaton’s plot twist was so unexpected I was floored.”

The best part of the entire movie was the moral quandary: what wouldn’t you do for those you love? When The Vulture keeps Peter’s secret, it shows he would do anything to protect his family.

Family is the heart and soul of this film. Peter seeks to belong in every situation, as a superhero, as a son, and as a teenage boy in high school. The Vulture and Peter are both working to protect the ones they love, just by different means.

The movie was incredible, not because of special effects but because of the extra little time to make us smile.


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