Edgar Quimby

We submitted His Name Was Edgar Quimby to Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine.


In this short story a journalism student takes to a mental hospital seeking the little nuggets of truth inside the stories of patients which are far outside of reality. The doctor recommends Edgar Quimby, whose story has not wavered in over 50 years. He’s scheduled for a lobotomy the next day, so what harm could come from feeding into his delusions?

Edgar is from another planet. His real name wasn’t Edgar. When he traveled from his home planet, which was destroyed when it’s star went supernova, he and his mate came as souls without a bodies. After a freak accident, he ended up reborn as Edgar, separated from his soul mate and has been searching for her ever since.

If this isn’t interesting enough, the doctor that has been treating him for years frustratedly points out all the coincidences in Edgar’s life that he must have distorted into his delusions.

Anyway, today Asimov’s rejected it. They never say why, they just do.

Now, Edgar Quimby can be submitted elsewhere, or shared, or shelved until our anthology is complete.

Any suggestions for places accepting submissions are welcome, as well as interested parties who want to read it. Let us know!



4 thoughts on “Edgar Quimby

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  1. My first thought was, “Putting that big Asimov’s logo in the blog post looks a little cheeky; are you sure you should be doing that?”

    My second thought was, “How well did you research what happens when a star goes supernova?” Because I imagine a magazine like Asimov’s would care about plausible science (Isaac Asimov certainly did), and if the editors read your story and thought, “Um, no, that’s not how supernovas work” then no wonder they rejected it.

    For a start, supernovas don’t just happen. If there was ever life on a planet orbiting a star that was destined go supernova, it would have been killed off long before when the star became a red supergiant. Also, because such stars are short-lived, there wouldn’t be much time for life to evolve (unless maybe Edgar’s ancestors were themselves colonists).

    There are other ways to get a supernova, but these have their own problems. Does your story address these challenges?


  2. Carl Sagan said that life could evolve around a red giant, the only problem was that once they were advanced enough to define a supernova, they were unlikely to see one.
    He was an astrophysicist, astrobiologist, and the Smithsonian went as far as to say, “We live in Carl Sagan’s universe.”
    It was this one quote that I heard as a kid on the show ‘Cosmos’ that I based this entire story off of. Could Carl Sagan have been wrong? Certainly. Is he more of an authority on the heavens than Adrian? Possibly.
    All that aside, this is a work of fiction. Edgar Quimby isn’t real, we made him up!
    Also you can’t ever say never or couldn’t, because one thing science always proves, is that life will find a way.


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