Want to Review A Short Story?

If you would like to leave us a really nice review on our short story His Name Was Edgar Quimby, you have two places to do so. You can leave the same review on both if you like.

⬇️Link leads to the book. ⬇️

Amazon – For a limited time, you can download and read this short story for free on Amazon for your Kindle reader. It is available for lending to others for 14 days. After you read it, leave us a review. Check our Facebook page for promo announcements.

Smashwords – This site allows you download the file in PDF for computers, mobi for Kindle, epub for ereaders, or view it online. You can even get it in a text file if you’re really old school. Click the yellow buttons to download in the file of your choice. If you want to save it forever, add it to your library. You can leave a review (please?), and rate it. Use the coupon code to get it for free for a limited time.

When the Amazon promo ends, the Smashwords version will also be set to 99 cents. It’s a bit much for this short story, but that’s the smallest we are allowed to set it. If you want to support us, buy it. We’ll love you forever.

Because it is so short (9 printed pages) there will not be a paperback version of this story alone. It will be released as part of our anthology in the future.

His name was edgar quimby


One thought on “Want to Review A Short Story?

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  1. I enjoyed your story “His Name was Edgar Quimby”. It was easy to follow and entertaining. One of the aspects of the writing that I found interesting was the use of quick definitions, analogies, or synonyms. It lent a little to Douglas Adams I thought. However, those definitions, analogies, and synonyms became creepy as I applied them to the setting of your book cover. Then it had a sort of House on Haunted Hill effect in my mind. The Hitchcock-ian twist at the end was pretty cool too. Overall it was a cool story.

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