Ursula K. LeGuin

01Today one of my favorite authors of all time died. Ursula K. LeGuin was an amazing writer whose stories dragged me all over the water planet of Earthsea. Her short stories transformed the world around me. I would often emerge from her worlds and have to remind myself what year it was. Not only did she win Hugos and Nebulas, Locus and World Fantasy awards, at a time in the early sixties when women used male pen names, she wasn’t having it. She stood toe to toe with Clark, Asimov, and Heinlein and proved she was one of the greatest ever.


We didn’t just lose an old woman who wrote and smoked cigars, we lost a master of far-sight who could teleport us to another world. I know it seems weird to be sad about someone you never met, but her voice was so unique I felt like we were friends.

We are going to miss you Ursula, Godspeed on your journey through the universe!

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