Stellar Flare Zaps Hopes of Life on Proxima b

Straight from the epic ending of an apocalyptic science fiction novel, or the beginning of a new planet terra-formed to host life, one planet is fried by a giant solar flare, or stellar flare as we call it when it is not OUR sun but some other star.

Proxima Centauri

After a re-analysis of data from March 2017, one year ago, scientists have decided that Proxima Centauri had a 2 minute flare that in 30 seconds released 4,000 times as much radiation as the Earth receives from our sun’s flares. Hope for any life still living on the surface of Prixima b has reduced to nil.

Still, science fiction lovers can imagine life existing BELOW ground as Proxima b has the potential for water based on temperatures and it’s mass and proximity to it’s star being similar to Earth’s.

Or perhaps you envision a planet where life zipped out into space in a ship, aliens in stasis, waiting to land one day on our planet, wake up, and try to coexist.

Which story do you prefer?

Space is cool. The ability to see, calculate, and study things very far away from us is a miracle when you think about it. Why can’t there be more miracles out there?

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