Patreon Announcement

If you don’t know, Patreon is a website where creatives (artists, musicians, writers, podcasters, animators) can get paid for their work. They offer levels, billed monthly, as low as one dollar, and incentives for each level. Having customers forces you to deliver on your promises.

Another writer mentioned that he was looking into it and we got to chatting.


We’ve always thought books were the most valuable product, and they are, but writers produce content that is valuable all the time.

As you can see, I DID share the best of vss to the website and followed it up with a best of scifaiku.

Our website is looked at almost daily. Out Twitter feed is rocking and rolling with interactions. The Facebook page is being seen by a number of people outside of our facebook friends.

Clearly, we are worthy. We are winning hearts to us and making friends. Our work does have value and it’s time we recognized that.

I hope we are worth a dollar a month support.

Our Patreon page is coming soon.

UPDATE: Our page is NOW LIVE! Go to:

Patreon wordmark (black)


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