Ellysian Empire United Under One Banner

In our sci-fi anthology, still being assembled, our heroes and villains come from the empire of Ellysia.

A little background:

Duke Letterkill is the Emperor. You can read about his son in Robots Love Techno – a YA piece with some sci-fi elements.

Duke Cornelius Ausbur Letterkill, Protector of the Realm and Heir to the Empire of Ellysia, lives peacefully with living ships, grown on their home planet. The ships are oracles; they can see multiple outcomes. Duke Letterkill ordered the manufacture of  Celedo-Drives  to allow for time and space travel. Only living ships can use them correctly or they might pop out in the middle of a sun.

Meanwhile, bots and automatons, two of which, Xar and Tina, X4-R and T1N-4, created by the originals, were sent to planet Willestria where all the humans died in sector 4 and the robots (mostly) continue to thrive until their protocol is changed, sending them back towards home and their creators. They are nudged off-course and…

Unfortunately, here we must introduce the villains. The Kroatone were a robot engineered in a different sector with DNA much like a living ship. Their biomechanical brains realized their large size, the smallest is 7 feet tall, and muscular frames were built for strength, power, and naturally, that led to a thirst for domination. The Kroatone Overlords have a living ship, in fact, they amass an army of them, controlling them with giant collars. Smaller versions of these are fitted to slaves abducted from different time periods on Earth.

As all the little side stories bring pieces of history, characters, and alien races together, it occurs to us that this is great place to also merge under the Ellysian banner with a few potential sponsors.

Picture this: banners bearing the logos of Elysian Coffee, Elysian Brewing, and Ellysian Press carrying the Hawk and Young logo as well are displayed next to posters depicting our recent anthology, our epic tales, and our ebooks handsomely displayed with a date and time of a book signing at a local coffee shop. We give out coupons for coffee, samples of richly brewed flavors, and seat guests for a little book reading. They applaud our speech and reading and we go sit at a table to sell and autograph our tomes. We hand out exclusive passes to an upcoming evening event. Rinse and repeat.

Later, at the evening event, we snack on little hors’devours, wear something a little techno but stunning, rub elbows with some elites and welcome guests to try samples of Elysian beers and coffees. Entertainment is provided by Elysian Records, with video, on a big screen that we use for our expertly designed presentation of the Empire timeline and some cool alien stories. We then sit and sign books and all guests can visit tables for Elysian Coffee, Elysian Records, and Ellysian Press and get cool swag like coupons, bags, pens, bookmarks, t-shirts, free music downloads, whatever. Guests who pay extra for a VIP pass get preferred seating, early meet and greets, extra swag, and all books by the authors.

Who said book parties had to be boring?

The Ellysian banner needs to be raised and under it will stand Hawk and Young.


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