Interview of Elina Vale


We interviewed Elina Vale, the author of two fiction books, one a novel and one a novella set in her Legends of Shadear world. Both are stories about avoiding slavery in a world with magic users. One must complete trials to win her freedom, and must accept and join in with his enemies in order to rid himself of a curse.

1. How do you rank your writing compared to those you admire?

Like David Schlosser said, “The only writer to whom you should compare yourself is the writer you were yesterday.” I am at the beginning of my journey, and there’s a lot to learn. But with every word I write and read, my skills improve. I am far from being at the level where I want to be, but if I have to, I will give myself a 7 out of ten.

2. How long do you have to write for each session before you get “in the groove?”

I’m a writer with a day job and two kids. That means that I had to learn to write in short sprints whenever I have the time. I rarely have time to write for many hours. The best flow state can bring 5000-7000 words at its best, but I can get into the zone in just half an hour if needed. Sometimes I lack the motivation to write, but haven’t yet faced the writer’s block.

3. Where does your inspiration come from?

I never have the situation that I wouldn’t have anything to write about. But I do get inspiration from music, other books, and movies. I’m always inspired by great storytelling.

4. When was that moment when you realized that language had power?

Maybe when I learned to read at the age of five. I remember when I realized that I would never have to be bored again, as long as I could find something fun to read. And boy, did I read. All of my childhood, teenage years and still going strong.

5. If you could sit down with one writer from any period who would it be?

There are so many of them but if I need to choose only one… I would love to have a chat with David Eddings! His books were important to me when I was a teenager and had an impact on me and I’m sure, affected in my writing.

6. If the universal super being came down right now and said, “I give you two choices. 1.I will give you 100 million dollars for your work, but no one will ever be able to read a word you write, or 2. You can never ever benefit even one dollar ever off of your work, but 100 million people will read every book you ever write. Which one do you pick?

That’s a hard one. If I could think only myself and nobody else, I would choose to write without getting any money, but I do have a family to look after so I would, in this case, choose the money! Oh no! I would still be able to write, even if it was only for my eyes only. 🙂

7. When did you know that writing was what you were going to make your life’s work? Or is it?

Something happened three years ago. Nothing dramatic, but I was doing some cleaning with my computer files, deleting stuff that wasn’t important to me and I stumbled into some of my old writings. I have been writing since I was a teenager. I wrote a lot of fictional stories in my teenage years and early twenties. Then I blogged for several years, mostly baby-related stuff. When my kids grew up a bit and my life got really busy, I forgot how fun writing is. The day when I found my old writings I remember thinking: “Oh? I wrote this?” Then it was like a lightning strike – why had I stopped writing? I loved to write! I decided that I would start doing it again and try and write a book. I had no idea what I was going to do with it but as the story came together, my ambition grew. I wanted to publish it. And when I did, I was so proud of myself. I had learned the whole process and I had done everything by myself. Today, I’m editing the book 2 in the series and I’m sure that writing is my thing and what had been missing in my life.

Author Elina Vale
Elina is a fiction writer who fuels herself with coffee, wine, and candy. She loves fantasy books but likes to read some romance and mystery as well. Elina writes fantastic, action-filled tales about bravery, heroes, villains, and passion.

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