4 Reasons to Read Our Series

1. Haunted House and Supernatural Encounters

Lords of Magazine Street takes place in New Orleans, where you may have heard of a certain 6 mile stretch called Magazine Street in the French Quarter. It’s a popular tourist destination, but our four Ice Cream Gangsters call it home. They live right inside the haunted St. Vincent’s Guest House and across the street sits Prince Love, a chess playing voodoo Prince who sends them off on a quest that won’t end until the dead come back to life.

Image result for st vincent's guest house


Map _ St.Vincent Guest House

2. Gangsters

These four boys are not what you’d think of when you thought of gangsters. Sure, they have a mean hustle, know or are related to various real criminals, and their clubhouse is surrounded by razor wire by order of police, but that’s all circumstantial. Nobody messes with their ice cream.

Ice Cream Gangsters

3. Talking Cat

Only Buddha can hear her, but Nikki does speak. The Siamese turns up in weird places, following them to hospitals, jail, and the swamp. Can’t give too much away, but come on, she’s a talking cat!

4. Murder

There are many deaths in this story. We’re not talking Tolkien level, but there are a few murders. Not counting the ghosts, some good and bad people end up losing their lives. Weapons vary.

Go check it out! Lords of Magazine Street


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