Published in an Anthology

Young has been published in an anthology about paranormal encounters! This is a true story, and its message is so positive and encounter so creepy, they put it at the end of the book to cap off the series.

His story takes place in the very same St. Vincent’s Guest House in New Orleans where our Ice Cream Gangsters live in Lords of Magazine Street.

The Floyds wouldn’t have chosen it if it were not going to make your neck hairs stand on end.

Paranormal Encounters by [Towns, Jim, Kinney, Pamela, Smith, Carol, Schwartz, Susan, Bourchier, Margaret, Wheeler, Peggy, Webb, Stanley, Young, Eddie-Joe, Floyd, Jenny, Floyd, Jacob]

This link gets you to the ebook on Kindle, and THIS LINK will get you a paperback.

Buying a copy WILL trickle down to Young.

If you order, go back and write a review. This helps ALL the people involved.

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