Recap of what you’ve been missing on Patreon

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You might think with all the work we do posting interviews, science news, and now book reviews, that this website is our main hub for all things Hawk and Young.

But that isn’t quite true.

If you want to catch our newest and hottest written works, you have to find us on Patreon. We owe it to our Patrons to give them first dibs. If you want first dibs, well, you’ve gotta join our page.

Each week we write some sci-fi fun using a prompt word. On Tuesdays we share a scifaiku or two using the word. On Wednesdays we share a Very Short Story, or VSS. On Thursdays, for those giving us $2 a month, you get a Drabble, that’s a 100 word story using the topic of the week. Occasionally we get inspired and write a Double Drabble.

If you simply follow us on Patreon, you get updates on our weekly tasks; stuff that we don’t post to Facebook. You can see a recap of our scifaikusaturday posts and hear announcements first. But to get the good stuff, the writing just bouncing around in our heads, you’ve got to join.

We’d like to share the highlights of our Patreon page – what you’ll see as a member.



city system blares

none alive to turn it off

Neon Protocol



Silvery smooth skin

Always ice cold to the touch

Even when alive
Claws ripped skin, teeth bit

Four massive wings flapped feebly

Dragon sky battle



study the cosmos

mathematical theory

afraid to test it



“Red Rain”

Dark skies threatened rain

Bad omen for the hunters

Drops of red fell hard


VSS (comes wit pictures on Patreon)


The landscape was dotted with waves of round scales, They ranged in colors; a rainbow carpet. Once we realized they WERE scales, heads and legs hidden under massive bellies, the sleeping giants became clear. Terrified, we sought an alternate route around the plain.


The reflection rippled, a glitch or interference? Scrying was not exactly a secret spying magic. Others with magic know when they are being spied upon, or when magic is being used nearby. Yes, the rippling increased. Someone was trying to block or trace my spell. Time to go.



The planet loomed into view, basking in a warm supernova star.

“There’s not much left of her since that star went super, but she’s got radium caves.”

Supernovas gave Ben the willies and he crossed himself to ward off bad omens. They flew into a cave and started drilling.


Drabbles (come with pictures on Patreon)


A spark ignited a match searing orange light into my eyes. A candle was lit, softening and spreading the light to starkly highlight a face made of dark skin. Soft jawlines and fabric wrapped, thick hair denoted her as female. She wore a dark purple satin wrap that caught the candle light as she seated herself across from me.

“What brings you to Madame Dasani tonight?”

Her voice was screechy and unmodulated, as if she hadn’t used it in a very long time.

“I was wondering if you could commune with the dead?”

She slid on large cat-eye glasses.



At first, I thought it was just a glitch, that the living ship was stretching its frame.  Yet, I realized after crossing a new bridge over a glowing gap that something big was happening.

“What’s going on?”

“We are preparing for war, Pilot.”

“When are you gonna call me by my name? It’s Nyle.”

“Names hold great power and keep legacies alive.”

“Are you saying I’m going to die?”

She ignored this question. “There is a war to prepare for. My role is to protect the Artex line and that requires stronger weapons. If you live, we will talk names.”


Crows flew overhead, squawking angrily at one another. The gray sky couldn’t make up its mind about what weather it preferred, so it sulked in heavy clouds. The top layer of soil was squishy as all the frost has melted, but the air temperature was cold and a stiff breeze made ungloved hands delve deep into pockets.

Rhett didn’t put much stock into omens, preferring science and logic to puzzle out mysteries and blamed cause and effect for karmic interludes. Karma didn’t care, she worked whether a person believed or not. Rhett and Karma met face to face one day.



And this is just part of March.

As we grow, you will get to watch, ahem, READ our writing improve. You will get to follow as baby steps become large distances.

Mostly, you will get to help us on our journey.

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