Book Review of Paranormal Encounters – Short Stories

Paranormal Encounters by [Towns, Jim, Kinney, Pamela K, Smith, Carol, Schwartz, Susan, Bourchier, Margaret, Wheeler, Peggy, Webb, Stanley, Young, Eddie-Joe, Floyd, Jenny, Floyd, Jacob]


As you know, Young shared a tale that ends this book, but the others in it are worthy of a review as they induce a few chills and thrills.

Here are our thoughts on two of the stories:

“The Attic Apartment” by Jim Towns

This was an engaging tale that transported me not only to the attic apartment, but dropped me right into the mid to late 90’s inside the daily life of Jim as a young man. He highlighted how oftentimes the unseen world of spirits and visitors may be raging around us, but the bills still need to be paid, young men are still looking for companionship, and sleep is still a priority. There is an eerie quality to the story because he rarely actually sees the entity. It just weighs on him with a watchful gaze until, at last, it is more than he can bear. The prophet Ishvala said, “That even in the darkest depths of torture a man can find sleep, but for he who inflicts the torture no rest can be found.” That quote has never been more true than in the scene when Jim tells the spirit that he is just too tired to deal with him and passes out. It was a great story that I am glad I read, but I think I will also stay clear of Lombard street.


The Shepardsville Poltergeist

The Frightening Floyds

For lovers of the supernatural, this was a real treat. The story winds you through the life and history, not only of the rural midwest, but of a young girl who would become one of the internet’s most recognizable mediums. The creep factor alone drives the reader through the story. Combine that with young Jenny’s almost instinctual knowledge from day one of the spiritual sights, and it makes a recipe for goosebumps. I feel like I have whole new level of understanding for the haunted countryside, and a whole new respect for Jenny Floyd.

If you love paranormal freak-outs, you need to buy this book! Plus, it helps out all the authors, including us. Support some up and coming writers. Buy it.

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