Published: A Sneak Peek. Don’t miss it!

We’ve been published in All For Writers e-zine. Our flash fiction, 500 word, story was selected out of the entrants for publication. The theme was ‘Loss’. We are the second story. We had 24 hours to write 500 words, barely polish it, and send it in.

Best of all, this is a SNEAK PEEK into the final story of the anthology. Meet Harlan and Tally.

Harlan lost his girlfriend and is helping Tally get to her boyfriend who is in the military fighting against the aliens. Their mission involves helping to end the war from the civilian side.

Harlan is sort of David Giuntoli of “Grimm” fame. He used to work for the CDC.

Image result for young man, dark curls, scruffy beard, blue eyes

Tally is a Choctaw young woman from Mississippi who boxes. She is driven and determined. Photo is of Native-American model Brenda Schad. She’s Choctaw and Cherokee. This woman also founded the Native American Children’s Fund in Oklahoma.

Image result for Choctaw young woman



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