Do you want sneak peeks into our characters’ relationships?

Image result for kissing behind book

Of course, you do!

Who doesn’t like fresh, new, budding romances?

“Wait, did you say romance? I thought you guys wrote SciFi?”

Science Fiction is more than aliens, ships, space, and battles. We’d love to prove it to you, but you have to do one thing.

Become our Patron.


Even if you sign up for one dollar just this weekend and cancel your future contribution on Monday,  you will still get access to all 3 sneak peeks. One is live RIGHT NOW, so don’t hesitate.

If you liked our free glimpse provided by All For Writers e-zine, then you will LOVE our exclusive weekend of peeks.


Signing up to be our Patron does give you access to lots of free and exclusive writing like scifaiku, vss, and drabbles that we do not publish anywhere else, not even on Facebook.

This is a great way to support us. We were able to purchase a copy of Scapple using our earnings from Patreon. Scapple is a really cool mind mapping tool for visual thinkers and planners, like Hawk.

Check it out, but also, check us out on Patreon.

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