New Spacesuits for Moonwalk

Ever wanted to have your own personal spaceship?

A space suit is basically that. It must protect you from the extremes of space, heat, cold, and dust. If you are on the moon, there’s plenty of dust to go around. Moon dust is actually glass-like and should not be breathed in (which we hope can never happen), nor allowed to contaminate any of the life support systems in the suit.

Then there is mobility. The old suits did not allow you to reach as far as you are able. The new suits will. And walking, well, check out the video in the link of Harrison Schmidt tripping and falling on the moon. You can’t quite stop yourself the same way with extra weight on top and less gravity. You kinda bounce headfirst. If that would happen, you would need to have the suit checked for tears.

We are pleased to know that technological advances in spacewear are finally coming to fruition. Imagine if YOUR fashion hadn’t changed in 50 years!

Most importantly, the new suits will be tailored to their wearers INCLUDING women. It really is a PERSONAL space vehicle.

This rendering shows a digital fit check of astronaut with the xEMU upper torso

This digital rendering shows a fit check of an astronaut with the xEMU upper torso.
Credits: NASA
With a complete 3D animated model, NASA can match the astronaut to the modular space suit components that will provide the most comfort and the broadest range of motion, while reducing the potential for skin irritation where the suit might press on the body.
Just because it doesn’t look like Starman, doesn’t mean it is better or worse than SpaceX’s new suits. We’re sure Elon and his team are taking notes.

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