Reversible Super Glue??

You ever wanted something to stick, like really stick for a long time, but need to remove it later or reposition it?

What if in creating a new invention there was one piece that ended up a few millimeters short? If only you could move it…

Well scientists have discovered that a hydrogel when wet can fill in tiny grooves in common objects, even glass, and when it dries, it is virtually impossible to remove. Add water and voila! It comes off easily.

This hydrogel is so strong 2 squares the size of postage stamps held up a 192 pound man!

an animated image showing a person's weight being held up by superglue

Sorry about telling the world your weight, man!

The current drawback is that it takes time to dry. Many woodworkers and craftsmen understand the long waits for projects to dry. It’s part of the process. For those of us with less patience, waiting is no fun. Scientists are working to find out how to speed up the drying process, especially for commercial factories who would use it to glue and crank out hundreds or products a day on assembly lines.

Care must be taken that the parts using adhesion would not be exposed to water, of course. Can you imagine driving through a puddle and your car falling apart? While that would be tragic, packages are not always waterproof. Manufacturers and scientists have some engineering to do.

Read the original article here to find out how this hydrogel is a lot like snail slime!


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