#SFFiction – Interview with Ben Warden

One of Hawk’s entries won publication in the 2020 edition of #SFFiction, seen here.

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Click the link to get your copy.

Ben Warden accepted our offer of an interview. We are so excited!

Q. What is sffiction?

A. SFFiction stands for Serious Flash Fiction. It’s an annual flash fiction competition, exclusive to Twitter, challenging people to tell a story in one tweet.

Q. How did it get started?

A. I was doing a Masters in Creative Writing, back in 2012, and started researching experimental forms of writing. Twitter had been going for about 6 years and there was this fantastic wealth of flash fiction starting to emerge, which I stumbled on. I couldn’t find much of it though. There were little pockets of writing communities all over and I wanted a way to see more and to promote the amazing work that was out there, so I decided to launch a competition with a unique hashtag to start to bring the work together and to hopefully find ways to get it to more readers.

Q. What kinds of stories were winners?

A. That’s the magic thing about an open competition like Serious Flash Fiction, with no theme or prompt you get a huge wealth of work. We’ve had comedy, horror, crime, fantasy, contemporary literature, sci-fi; you name it we’ve had it and it’s made the winning cut. We have had a lot of horror, flash fiction seems to lend itself to a bloody twist, but the diversity of stories is really amazing and it surprises me every year – even with the project in its 7th year of running. The only rule is that it has to be a story. Something with a bit of a twist or a plot point that allows you to fall into that world and think beyond the 280 characters.


Q. Where can we find you and your other contests?

Well, if you want to get involved and get writing, the competition is hosted from the end of Feb-beginning of March to mid-April each year. You can see more at seriousflashfiction.weebly.com, or follow my twitter page @Ben_Warden As for my writing, I have novel on amazon called ‘Life Without’ and lots of short fiction out there in the world. I am in the process of writing my second book and hope to get it to literary agents this year. You can find more about me at benwardenauthor.com 

Life Without by [Ben Warden]
Amazon link 
Ben Warden is a self-published author of ‘Life Without’ and editor of the annual Flash Fiction twitter competition, Serious Flash Fiction. In 2013 he completed a Masters in Creative Writing, at York Saint John University; studying under Abi Curtis and J.T. Welsch. Ben grew up in York, where he was one of the 80’s ilk of annoying kids with home video cameras. Ben has always loved storytelling, in all its forms, but caught the bug for writing while studying scriptwriting with Goran Stefanovski at Canterbury Christ Church University, as part of his Film, Television and Radio degree.

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