Thoughts on WHY People are Rioting in the US

When a 2 year old can’t get their way, they throw a tantrum.

When a student is bullied by peers or teachers and the system fails to give them justice, they react in vandalism or violence.

When a non-verbal person or child screams or cries or hits or bites, they are trying to communicate, we just don’t hear what they are saying.

When a parent is not being obeyed, they yell louder as if that makes their words more clear.

It’s a basic human reaction to a lack of being understood. Communication only happens when you are HEARD.

While this is not a good excuse for a toddler, a victim, or a mentally handicapped person to behave this way, it points to a root cause. There is a problem here, a reason for this behavior. That’s all it is, a reaction to an antecedent.

POC have been treated differently, as aliens, in white society for generations. When it reaches a level where those sworn to uphold the law are no longer protecting you, like that child in school who has not been given justice nor shown support by authorities, then it becomes time to react loudly. Maybe those who refused to listen will listen now.

Summary of the riots so far.

Also, this:

Image may contain: 2 people


Go to #Irealizediwasblack on Twitter and read the back posts and watch the CNN video.

Maybe enough is enough.

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