First Crime in Space?

Anne McClain, who was supposed to be on the very first all-female spacewalk in March 2019 alongside astronaut Christina Koch, was denied the opportunity when it was canceled due to NASA’s lack of medium-sized spacesuits.

McClain took her first spacewalk on March 22, with Nick Hague and her first All-female walk was finally made on April 8, 2019.


She thought she had married her soulmate, Summer Worden, and adored her son, but the two filed for divorce while Anne was training to go to the ISS.


Now in space, she had been denied custody of Summer’s son and her claims that Summer had abused her fell upon deaf ears. She knew Summer was a blatant spender and still had access to her bank account. She checked in to make sure there was money for the little boy.


She did not use nor move any money, simply looked to make sure there was enough in the account for rent and living expenses. She contended that she was simply doing what she had always done, emphasizing that it was with Worden’s permission, to ensure the family’s finances were in order.

Worden felt violated. She filed charges for identity theft and improper access to private financial records.

There are five space agencies involved in the space station (United States, Russia, Japan, Europe, and Canada). These agencies have long-established procedures in place to handle any jurisdictional questions about astronauts of various nations orbiting Earth together. This particular case is the first of its kind.

NASA says, “Lt Col. Anne McClain has an accomplished military career, flew combat missions in Iraq and is one of NASA’s top astronauts. She did a great job on her most recent NASA mission aboard the International Space Station.”

McClain did not let her personal life interfere with her work.

In fact, she didn’t even tell anyone that she was married to a woman. This case has outed her.

On April 7, 2020, McClain was cleared of all charges; Worden faces a two-count indictment on charges of making false statements.

NASA has an open policy regarding sexual orientation. NASA made a statement detailing the agency’s policy on diversity and inclusion. According to the statement, “NASA recognizes that diversity and inclusion are integral to mission success at NASA.”

Tam O’Shaughnessy co-founded the science education company Sally Ride Science with her life partner, NASA astronaut Sally Ride. It was after Sally Ride’s death in 2012 that her relationship to O’Shaughnessy was revealed in her obituary.

Anne McClain wiki


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