What we are talking about is not the teleportation you are thinking of, where you think about going to Fiji and suddenly you are.

Remember those CubeSats we send up and had the ISS release? Well one of them was working on Quantum Entanglement.

In this case, a small CubeSat satellite, appropriately called SpooQy-1, was used to produce pairs of entangled photons using a blue laser diode and non-linear crystals.

cube quant 2The quantum entanglement instrument. (Centre for Quantum Technologies, National University of Singapore)

Quantum Entanglement…

“is where two particles become inextricably linked across a distance, so that one serves as an indicator of the other in a certain aspect. That unbreakable link might one day form the basis of a super-fast, super-secure quantum internet.”

Hold on. Faster Internet? We think you can think bigger.

First of all, two particles linked across distance that communicate to each other ‘magically’ – Einstein called it Spooky – could transmit data in such a way as to project holograms. Realistic ones.

Look, all computers, all information, comes in 1s and 0s and we can create CGI movies, so why not holograms?

You know those ‘friendship lights’? Look them up. That when one friend lights their up a certain color, the other light changes to the same color?


Only with the backing of the INTERNET.

“These signals could be used to implement any type of quantum communications application, from quantum key distribution for extremely secure data transmission to quantum teleportation, where information is transferred by replicating the state of a quantum system from a distance.”

Now you’re thinking bigger. Replicating a state in one place in a completely different place. Like twin robots imitating the code they are given in a synchronized swimmer way.

Sure, sending messages across all of space, like instant videos from Mars, is cool, but this is some transfer-your-actions-to-an-AI scifi gold! We’re talking real live SURROGATES the movie.

Not exactly teleportation, but you do get to travel…

One more thing…

What if aliens already use Quantum Entanglement to communicate?

See, we don’t have a receiver on Earth. The source article points out that we can’t yet communicate with our satellites this way. Communication takes a sender and a receiver even if you call someone from the back porch in for dinner. Earth can’t ‘hear’ the messages, so we will be late for dinner. Or the alien party.


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