Nanotech Curing Cancer

We love to write about Nanotechnology and in the Sci-Fi world, it can do anything.

Here are some nanos actually fighting cancer!

The nanoparticle, called a spherical nucleic acid (SNA), is a globular form of DNA that can easily enter and stimulate immune cells. Your body then produces T-cells that attack the cancer all by itself.

After treating nine mice with triple-negative breast cancer (The cancer tests negative for three proteins – hence the name “triple negative” – and resists commonly used breast cancer drugs that target those three proteins.), six experienced complete tumor remission for 100 days without obvious side effects. Although the other three mice never reached remission, the new treatment did suppress their tumor growth, and the mice still lived longer than the control group.

Also, the SNA-based immunotherapy protected the mice from relapsing. After the mice entered remission, the team attempted to reimplant the mice with cancer, but tumors did not grow.


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