“My Name is Lito Homero” is a Middle Grade fantasy adventure about riddles, bravery, trolls, magic, giants, ninjas, and gods.

Determined to save his ailing Abuela, Lito magically crosses into a land ravaged by an evil skeleton king.

book cover showing boy looking at blue and orange magical portal shaped like a door inside a forest
My name is Lito Homero, but everyone calls me Little. It’s funny because I know one day I’m going to be tall, like my Papa. He and Mama died from the fever. I had to move in with Abuela and her cat Leo. I don’t have anyone to play with, except my bear, Dar.
When we find an old treasure chest that was Papa’s, Abuela takes us to his secret spot in the attic to play with it. Up there is a magical picture of a different land. It glows, that’s how I know it is magical. Papa left behind a book all about it. The castle on the mountain in the painting belongs to the Pirate King. The mountain is so tall, it reaches up to the gods!
When Abuela gets sick, it is my duty to ask the gods to help her. I need my Abuela, she’s all the family I have left. The Pirate King is the only one that can talk to the gods up on that mountain, and the only way to save my Abuela.

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