Updated Cover

When looking at our paltry Amazon bookshelf, the previous title sitting there looked terrible. It was shabby, confusing, and a huge turn-off. No one would pick up a book with that cover. It's just an ebook short story, but it still needs to attract attention. So we updated it. This was a free image on... Continue Reading →

Alien Megastructure Star Dims Again

Kepler, which is running out of fuel, has identified over 2,000 exoplanets (2,342 + 307 by K2) in the Milky Way by studying the twinkling of stars. This particular star doesn't follow the rules... KIC 8462852, or Tabby’s Star, or the “Alien Megastructure Star” has been exhibiting rapid fluctuations in brightness. Tabby’s Star first gained... Continue Reading →

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