Tesla and Starman

So it's been a year since Starman the mannequin was launched into space in his cherry red Tesla Roadster with Hot Wheels model Tesla on the dash. The car is 226 million miles from Earth now. There is a really cool website run by Programmer Ben Pearson that counts Starman's distance as he travels at... Continue Reading →


Saturn: Cassini Data still coming in

In 2010, Cassini began a second, seven-year-long, mission called the Cassini Solstice Mission. This final mission concluded with a phase known as The Grand Finale -- 22 deep dives between Saturn's cloud tops and innermost ring before it plunged into the giant planet's atmosphere. "The Grand Finale orbits were so named because they not only... Continue Reading →

Health Risks of Going to Mars

We all know that Astronauts lose muscle and bone mass in space, as well as suffer from space sickness, but there are two larger problems with traveling to Mars. One is the radiation. Astronauts in the International Space Station are orbiting Earth well within the magnetosphere. Like a shield, the magnetosphere deflects most of the... Continue Reading →

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