Table of Conflicts in Sci-Fi (and other genres)

Featured image credit: Now Novel You can't have a story without conflict. Science Fiction is no different than any other genre in this regard, except there is an element of science involved somewhere. CHARACTER + WANT + OBSTACLE = CONFLICT Conflict can arise from the environment or setting; characters - inner (mental), outer (physical), or... Continue Reading →

Patreon Announcement

If you don't know, Patreon is a website where creatives (artists, musicians, writers, podcasters, animators) can get paid for their work. They offer levels, billed monthly, as low as one dollar, and incentives for each level. Having customers forces you to deliver on your promises. Another writer mentioned that he was looking into it and... Continue Reading →

We have our first interview!!

Elsha Hawk and Eddie-Joe Young have never met in person. This writing duo met online on a microfiction website where they found they worked well together. Both answered the questionnaire individually.  Q1 – What other authors are you friends with? and how do they help you become a better writer? We are friends with […] via... Continue Reading →

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