Scifaiku is Science Fiction Haiku.

Haiku is a form of poetry with the first line only five syllables, the second seven syllables, and the final line five syllables. We call this 5-7-5. Haiku usually is about nature things and strong juxtapositions of that nature to other darker, starker, or unnatural things. Sci-fi is all unnatural, so scifaiku fit naturally into this poetic form. While some contend that scifaiku can also break the 5-7-5 rule, Hawk and Young try our best to adhere to it.

Alban Lake publishes a Scifaiku magazine and they have this to say:

Scifaiku is a lot like haiku. The 17 syllables or 5-7-5 syllable guideline is NOT a strict requirement, but what IS required, is that the total ku doesn’t read like a sentence. The captured moment should strike the reader with a flash of realization or surprise–if you’ve read something, and suddenly “get it” and you subconsciously think “Ah-hah!” or “oh wow!” that’s what scifaiku is supposed to do to you. As in haiku, punctuation and capitalization are not usually used in scifaiku, so no unnecessary punctuation or caps. In addition, scifaiku usually include a season, an action and a subject, whether actual or implied.

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Sneak peeks:

#cyborg #AI

Little metal man

Genius project of genius

Too short to rule world



Genius with space time

looped through black holes for eons

saw ages, stayed young


#city #noir

Drops cleanse my soul
I barely feel the acid
Purify my skin
Sheets of rain drench stone
Rush hides loud stubborn footsteps
Trench coat hides phaser

This run-down city
Chock-full of gray areas
Needs my protection

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