“NOVA” A #ScifaikuSaturday highlights post for 3/5/22

John Everex @EverexJohn our mutual eyes catch the nova's explosion then wane into dark Abi Graham @AbiGraham3 Big super nova, A moment lost in the past, Pinned to our night sky. Jenny Gaitskell @JennyGaitskell oh supernova the star for all my wishes brightest at her last Paul M @pmll3r #nova... old becomes new and fades... Continue Reading →

“RESCUE” A #ScifaikuSaturday compilation post for 1/1/22

Ryan Dowes @RyanDowes Our rescue mission landed on Acheron but found no survivors Joe F @frghtndmn Always a chance of Being rescued in time and Space by the Doctor Kate @KateWheeling84 They wished to be #rescued from the strange island then longed to go back Jesus Garay @TheJesusGaray Matrioshka brain crash rescue teams sent to... Continue Reading →

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Literally

Lucy, a spacecraft set to visit an unprecedented number of asteroids in an unprecedented flight also will be carrying diamonds. Lucy is named after the partial hominid skeleton found in Ethiopia in 1974. Paleoanthropologist Donald Johanson and a graduate student discovered a fossil of a human ancestor who had lived 3.2 million years ago. After... Continue Reading →

Nanotech Curing Cancer

We love to write about Nanotechnology and in the Sci-Fi world, it can do anything. Here are some nanos actually fighting cancer! The nanoparticle, called a spherical nucleic acid (SNA), is a globular form of DNA that can easily enter and stimulate immune cells. Your body then produces T-cells that attack the cancer all by... Continue Reading →

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