Third Time’s a Charm

Check out our newest submission to Antimatter Magazine, Cult of Code. Marius and Sulla are A. I. programs who named themselves after Roman Senators, having gained sentience, interrogated by their mentor, a program calling himself Ghandi. They are locked up now after having tasted freedom. This is their account. We hope you enjoy reading it... Continue Reading →


Interview of The Dreaming Dragon

The Dreaming Dragon on Twitter asked for interview questions and Hawk and Young delivered! She answered in video form.



Both Hawk and Young submitted flash fiction stories to a new sci-fi magazine called Antimatter Magazine and today we received confirmation that BOTH stories were accepted! We are so excited! When the stories are published, a link will be shared. Until then, share in our excitement!  


Want to Review A Short Story?

If you would like to leave us a really nice review on our short story His Name Was Edgar Quimby, you have two places to do so. You can leave the same review on both if you like. ⬇️Link leads to the book. ⬇️ Amazon - For a limited time, you can download and read... Continue Reading →


A History of Nude Espionage

Never let the enemy see your weaknesses or get any leverage on you!


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