Space ORCs??? No, not those orcs... In astronomy, an Odd radio circle (ORC) is a very large unexplained astronomical object that, at radio wavelengths, is highly circular and brighter along its edges, but invisible to infrared, x-ray, and visible light. As of 26 June 2020, there have been four such objects (and possibly six more) observed.... Continue Reading →


What we are talking about is not the teleportation you are thinking of, where you think about going to Fiji and suddenly you are. Remember those CubeSats we send up and had the ISS release? Well one of them was working on Quantum Entanglement. In this case, a small CubeSat satellite, appropriately called SpooQy-1, was... Continue Reading →

First Crime in Space?

Anne McClain, who was supposed to be on the very first all-female spacewalk in March 2019 alongside astronaut Christina Koch, was denied the opportunity when it was canceled due to NASA’s lack of medium-sized spacesuits. McClain took her first spacewalk on March 22, with Nick Hague and her first All-female walk was finally made on... Continue Reading →

Einstein’s Theory of Relativity Sound

  In studying Sagittarius A* (the black hole at the center of the Milky Way) and a star close to it in orbit, scientists have concluded through decades of observation that Einstein was right. "Einstein's general relativity predicts that bound orbits of one object around another are not closed, as in Newtonian gravity, but precess... Continue Reading →

Planet “Like Earth” Found

Although Kepler was retired in 2018, the data it collected continues to be analyzed. An exoplanet named Kepler-1649c orbits its star every 19.5 days in the 'goldilocks zone' or at the right distance from the red dwarf to have liquid water. It's 300 lightyears from Earth and therefore difficult to study.  We know Kepler-1649c is... Continue Reading →

K2 18b Has a Damp Atmosphere

In 2015 Kepler found this planet orbiting a red dwarf star some 110 light years from Earth, twice as wide as Earth, and has eight times Earth’s mass. It's not exactly Earth-like, but it does orbit within the habitable zone of that star. In 2016 and 2017 using the Hubble, a team discovered that the... Continue Reading →

New Spacesuits for Moonwalk

Ever wanted to have your own personal spaceship? A space suit is basically that. It must protect you from the extremes of space, heat, cold, and dust. If you are on the moon, there's plenty of dust to go around. Moon dust is actually glass-like and should not be breathed in (which we hope can... Continue Reading →

Aliens in the News

Yesterday the New York Times posted an article about strange UFOs the Navy has been picking up for years on radar. There will be a documentary show Friday about these incidents. Lieutenants Graves and Accoin, along with former American intelligence officials, appear in a six-part History Channel series, “Unidentified: Inside America’s U.F.O. Investigation,” to air... Continue Reading →

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