Ghosts or just the Unexplained Universe?

Could new research in Quantum mechanics help us understand ghosts? Researchers have seen quantum fluctuations "kick" large objects such as mirrors, moving them by a tiny degree but one big enough to measure.The movements are the result of the way the universe is structured, when seen at the level of quantum mechanics: researchers describe it... Continue Reading →


What we are talking about is not the teleportation you are thinking of, where you think about going to Fiji and suddenly you are. Remember those CubeSats we send up and had the ISS release? Well one of them was working on Quantum Entanglement. In this case, a small CubeSat satellite, appropriately called SpooQy-1, was... Continue Reading →

First Crime in Space?

Anne McClain, who was supposed to be on the very first all-female spacewalk in March 2019 alongside astronaut Christina Koch, was denied the opportunity when it was canceled due to NASA’s lack of medium-sized spacesuits. McClain took her first spacewalk on March 22, with Nick Hague and her first All-female walk was finally made on... Continue Reading →

#SFFiction – Interview with Ben Warden

One of Hawk's entries won publication in the 2020 edition of #SFFiction, seen here. Click the link to get your copy. Ben Warden accepted our offer of an interview. We are so excited! Q. What is sffiction? A. SFFiction stands for Serious Flash Fiction. It's an annual flash fiction competition, exclusive to Twitter, challenging people... Continue Reading →

Check out a short story by Roppotucha

  THE PREVALENCE OF DRAGOZEMLIZHIL IN NATURE   My colleague and I are drinking beer in a strange town, which confuses him. There are too many consonants, and the gargoyles look odd. The conference we’re attending is inter-disciplinary, and this sets him on edge. “It’s easier for you,” he says. The town’s reflected in the... Continue Reading →

The Curve is NOT Flat Today

Just because there are fewer deaths in New York doesn't mean we have beaten this virus. 1. There are fewer deaths because what happened 21 days ago? We went into quarantine. People stopped spreading it.  IF we open now, in 21 days it will be back. We have to remain cautious - masks, handwashing, no... Continue Reading →

Einstein’s Theory of Relativity Sound

  In studying Sagittarius A* (the black hole at the center of the Milky Way) and a star close to it in orbit, scientists have concluded through decades of observation that Einstein was right. "Einstein's general relativity predicts that bound orbits of one object around another are not closed, as in Newtonian gravity, but precess... Continue Reading →

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