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You are going to LOVE Xar! X4-R is a robot, a Zarook, on a planet at the edge of the Hawthorn nebula. He's a mop. You can call him Xar. His job becomes more complicated when he stumbles upon T-N4, or Tina, and a ship he never could process before. His directives change, leading a... Continue Reading →


Young Sees An Alien Ship

On January 3, 2008, Young was driving down the highway at Navarre Beach, Florida when he pulled over to capture this video. The object took off. It was raining, so he drove out of the storm and happened to see it AGAIN and took this second video. The ship was going in and out of... Continue Reading →

Iron Cross Publishing

We have found a kindred spirit in the sci-fi/fantasy/horror writing genre, one Jack Stewart of Iron Cross Publishing. Iron Cross Publishing was established in May of 2015 to bring you stories from other worlds, parallel universes, every conceivable apocalypse, and more! Influenced by King, Bradbury, Asimov, Sterling, and more, our stories open up the entire... Continue Reading →

Aliens in the news

There has been a bit of talk about aliens in the news recently. Many are looking at this video. Young believes this is an alien probe of some sort. Hawk wants more evidence. What do YOU think? In other news, check out our update of the Oumaumau following. Is it an asteroid or comet or... Continue Reading →

NaNo Update

Just wanted to pop in to say Elsha Hawk was a winner this year! Now we can get you readers back to your regularly scheduled movie and book reviews, writing updates, and contest entries.


Every year November is set aside and held in hallowed esteem by writers across the globe as the month of writing. Carefree, careless, and deliberate words are added to documents and not edited for 30 days. The goal of National Novel Writing Month is to accumulate 50,000 words in 30 days. 1,667 words a... Continue Reading →


Okay so UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object and technically, since this one has a 'name' it's identified. However, scientists still don't know what it is. Oh, and they are planning to rename it something much more catchy than A/2017-U1. This object seems to have originated in the direction of the constellation Lyra, was sucked... Continue Reading →

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