“DIGIT” A #ScifaikuSaturday compilation for 11/20/21

Ian Parkin @parkini422

The outer space rock

Moved through the solar system

Like a giant digit

Roxanna @KrypticKro

.. digits rolled faster

as numbers fell altitude

lost beyond recall..

Martin Cullen @The_MCullen1809

Digits one one five six

Computer processed request

Air sucked out of

G. L. Hancock, MS Ψ @GLHancock

Hands inside the ship

At all times ensure no lost

Digits out in space!

Tad_K (GamerWriter is The Vibe) Later Days to Ya @GamerWriter

Phalange me tonight

Encrypted message Received

Singular Event

Tom Blend @tblend3

His #digits “All”gone

The corpse looked like a rag doll

Cyber flow spotless

Mark BurningHawk Baxter @MarkBurningHawk

With fifteen #digits,

Presti#digit-ation is

A sweet #kind of love.

G. L. Hancock, MS Ψ @GLHancock

The last digit in

My cosmic calculation

Is our burning hearts

Mark BurningHawk Baxter @MarkBurningHawk

#digits were not #kind

They only told the #bare truth

When the air ran out.

#Haiku #HaikuChallenge #ScifaikuSaturday #VSS365 #ArthurC.Clarke #TheColdEquation

Mark BurningHawk Baxter @MarkBurningHawk

They had their #digits

In every #kind of Pi

Addicted to math.

Jen Anderson @jenanderson731

Digits counting down

Each click a step toward our doom

3…2…1…they’re here

Alan Vincent Michaels @AlanVMichaels

The digits slide fast

Days, years slip into the past

Time’s tasks, my lot cast #SciFaikuSaturday #digit #VSSTimeTravel #task #SciFaiku #Haiku #Poetry #SciFi

Julie  @ForgottenBeauty

They had eight digits

Extravagantly large hands

 Chords that made you weep

Constant Paul @CnstantPaul

he made the robot

with only two digits

no middle finger

Valery Dion @ValeryKaye

Red digit flashes

final countdown to our doom

let’s all hold on tight

Alan Vincent Michaels @AlanVMichaels

Not extravagant

to have numerous digits

Ice world survival

Ryan Dowes (semi-hiatus) @RyanDowes

Remaining light years

are now in single digits

we’ll reach Thaddeus soon

John (jd) @JdeXpressions

time between impulse

and infinity transit

less than one digit

John (jd) @JdeXpressions






Eric Lahti @ericlahti1

Pick any digit

from the box of possibles

zero or a one

Joe F @frghtndmn

Digit counters slow

Nanoseconds become years

Winter never ends

Matt Guntrip @MG_7_9

Access is denied

Code is eleven digits

Are you a robot?

Click the squares with guns

Re enter your access code

Seven attempts left

Laila Amado @onbonbon7

For a sprawling fleet

Nothing more than a digit

The loss of one ship

Jenny Gaitskell @JennyGaitskell

one misplaced digit

in the moon’s algorithm

the first algae bloomed

extravagant greens

breathing out the atmosphere

our kind’s breathing in #ScifaikuSaturday #SciFanSat #vss365 #vssnature

Abi Graham @AbiGraham3

Lost in the Matrix,

A rogue digit blending in

With zeroes and ones.

Turtle Rocket Books @turtlerocketbks

Zinthian snare beast

Wrapped its fingers round my neck

Four scaly digits

Fennel @FennelSteuert

helpful digits, please,

that work seductively

for better binary #InkMine #scifaikusaturday #haiku

Jesus Garay @TheJesusGaray

count every digit

of existence with the box –

now watch the sky melt

𝚃𝚘𝚖 𝙼𝚒𝚝𝚌𝚑𝚎𝚕𝚕 @originaltoms

“Re-enter code for:

‘Finger Regeneration’ … …

One digit missing.”

IntrigueVerse @IntrigueVerse

Only one digit off

To some, minor, but time travel

Expects precision


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