“WORLD” A #ScifaikuSaturday Compilation for 12/4/21

Das Deniz @DasDeniz

World domination

While destroying our planet

Dumb super-villain

Tom Blend @tblend3

The #world crumbled blue

Scatts laughed, “another Earth gone!”

“Container ships here”

Celia Reaves @Celia_Reaves

artificial worlds

too beautiful to be real

that’s why we love them

Mark BurningHawk Baxter @MarkBurningHawk

We wear blue #mantles

On the #world of #beerGardens;

Can’t walk a straight #line. #HaikuChallenge #VSS365 #VSSLocation

A. A. Rubin @TheSurrealAri

Time runs in reverse

We are living life backwards

World spins windershins

Roxanna @KrypticKro

~ this world still expands

into struggles of carbon

based evolution..

Joe F @frghtndmn

Ley lines

Etched into

A world beyond

#haikuchallenge (line)

Tom Mitchell @originaltoms

A welcoming world,

not bent on self-destruction.

A breath of fresh air.

Fennel @FennelSteuert

Mechanical world.

Able to release stompers

for better or worse. #InkMine

G. L. Hancock, MS Ψ @GLHancock

I try to create

Clever and coherent tweets

In my cyber world.

G. L. Hancock, MS Ψ @GLHancock

Otherworldly forms

Visit us and soak inside

Who or what are we?

Hullabaloo22 @hullabaloo22

A world which flourished,

withered beneath blazing sun

and all life…? It failed.

Jennifer @jbeanhibbs

The world cannot keep

Secrets we stash with the stars

Or lies we stand on

Tania @Tania76690323

Many new worlds are

worth visiting, but our green

Earth is worth living.


Jenn R-J @jennfel

space exploration

for when we finish burning

this world to the ground

Mark BurningHawk Baxter @MarkBurningHawk

#lines of force join #worlds

Travelers move, like shiny beads

On an abacus.

Jesus Garay @TheJesusGaray

A glass-encased world

we land – our skin vanishes

along with the fear

Matt Guntrip @MG_7_9

Water and ice world

Atmosphere habitable

Detect sentience

Life comms with AI !!

“No humans welcome thank you”

“This is our planet”

Alan 中村 @cleekmaker00

strange new worlds out there

lifeforms and societies

to meet and learn from

Denise Carruthers @CattyKoala

Waiting to see stars

but the universal line

went on forever

Mark BurningHawk Baxter @MarkBurningHawk

Parallel #world #lines

Where giants swim in Earth’s #mantle,

We are like minnows. #HaikuChallenge #VSS365

Ryan Dowes (semi-hiatus) @RyanDowes

Back from trip to past

but timepod glitch ensured

it was not the world he knew

 #3lines #SciFiSat #haiku #senryu

Sarah Baethge (米机生苛) @22niel

Out in the big world,

You won´t believe what exists.

Let´s go check it out!

John (jd) @JdeXpressions

ready mantle drive

explorer vessel v’ger cloaked

new world orbiter #vss365 [mantle]

Julie  @ForgottenBeauty

Terraforming failed

Native species in revolt

This world will kill

Constant Paul @CnstantPaul

came from outer space

in search of a younger world

ours looked promising

Alan Vincent Michaels @AlanVMichaels

This line must hold fast!

We won’t yield our world to beasts!

We must never fail! #HaikuChallenge #line #SciFanSat #fail Reply

Jen Anderson @jenanderson731

What a world this is

Where all creatures live in peace

Except for that one…

flowerz @bee10ved

winking entwined stars

regurgitate abortions

terminate the world

Rachel Newcombe @rachelnewcombe8

Inside marigolds

Tiny voices call your name

New world awaits

Valery Dion @ValeryKaye

A rogue dwarf planet

is a murky gassy world

where we cast our fate

NG @myartng

I want a new world

A world of chocolate

The houses will be big hazelnuts

Alan Vincent Michaels @AlanVMichaels

Mantle unstable

Infant world — a fail at birth

Life seeks a new home

Jenny Gaitskell @JennyGaitskell

here is our new world

swirling her storm cloud mantle

perhaps in warning

though we’re unwelcome

we who failed our blue planet

will take this clean slate

#vss365 #vssnature #SciFanSat

Alan Vincent Michaels @AlanVMichaels

“Design to Succeed!”

Our new home world mission failed

We did not plan well

Joe F @frghtndmn

To see a new world

Thru these cybernetic eyes

Heartens my diodes

Alan Vincent Michaels @AlanVMichaels

A new world for us

Let’s not ruin this Eden

like we did on Earth

Kimberly @bionicanadian

New world first contact

Earthlings.. dark thoughts of chaos

eradicate them


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