“ASTEROID” A #ScifaikuSaturday compilation post for 12/18/21

Ian Parkin @parkini422

Asteroid detached

On a true collision course

The planet slept on

Tom Mitchell @originaltoms

Dec 18

Wayward messenger,

asteroid of ages past,

tell us your stories.

Lyssa is writing stories @lyssa_reese

Twinkling spirit plays

Music blends with starlight’s glow

Tempts an asteroid

Roxanna @KrypticKro

~ they held asteroids

in orbit before sending them

crashing to earth.. ~

Katherine Traverse @kattra

hang a left

at the asteroid belt

galaxy express

John (jd) @JdeXpressions

in dreams i have sailed

on active asteroid tail

before solar winds

G. L. Hancock, MS Ψ @GLHancock

Coming, straight to you

Across space-time race I,

who Rides an asteroid!

Fennel @FennelSteuert

Girding asteroids,

you were not. The gas giants –

they hurled them your way.

Heath Laws @heath_laws

Only days away

Mother of all asteroids

Path of destruction

Rick Milone @rwmilone

Cruising through the void

Unexpected encounter

With an asteroid

Tania @Tania76690323

Asteroid all gold

approaches Earth. What matters

is to grab big chunk.

Mark BurningHawk Baxter @MarkBurningHawk

#asteroid miners

#videocall Earth, on hold

Muzak from home #plays.

Mark BurningHawk Baxter @MarkBurningHawk

#Playing planet pool,

Bets placed onbanked #asteroids

Cornered the #market.

Alan 中村 @cleekmaker00

another day

mining on these asteroids

what a boring life

Mark BurningHawk Baxter @MarkBurningHawk

Busk the #asteroids

#Play in #market domes

To pay my air fee.

Jenn R-J @jennfel

plug roll of quarters

into asteroid machine

no space invaders

Valery Dion @ValeryKaye

Red eyed giant

smashed the rocks and pebbles

to make an asteroid belt

Mark BurningHawk Baxter @MarkBurningHawk

Replying to @ValeryKaye

A lonely red dwarf

Buckled the #asteroid belt

Of a red giant.

Celia Reaves @Celia_Reaves

in today’s strange times

we’re two lonely asteroids

circling in the dark

Ryan Dowes @RyanDowes

Kinetic beam nudged

incoming asteroid out

Earth was saved again

Constant Paul @CnstantPaul

Meteor shower

planet has a sore bottom

needs asteroid cream

Alan Vincent Michaels @AlanVMichaels


like a Trojan Horse

asteroid Apophis loomed

terror wrapped our world

extinction at play

Gaia healed, after a time

life blossomed anew

wrapped deeply within

the asteroidal vessel

intelligence stirred

Eric Lahti @ericlahti1

She smiles and dances

flinging asteroids around

like a mad goddess

Jen Anderson @jenanderson731

Asteroid falling

We watch in awe, holding hands

A beautiful end

Alan Vincent Michaels @AlanVMichaels

Woeful clicks arose

The dark creatures sensed their doom

Asteroids struck ground

Rachel Newcombe @rachelnewcombe8

Galaxies away

Undiscovered asteroid

Mysteries exist

Matt Guntrip @MG_7_9

Asteroid orbit

Floating like chums together

Gravity calling

Bumping and waiting

“I’m going to be a gold mine!”

“Platinum is best!”

 The spirit of rocks

Waiting to become planets

Just biding their time…

Jenny Gaitskell @JennyGaitskell

wrapped in shades of grey

we ask every sky for sun

receive asteroids

Bright arcs across our all-day dusk.

We hawk their meanings like market

traders: the storms will end, this

world offers hope.

But they mean we’re not alone.

Laila Amado @onbonbon7

Asteroid belt shines

Studded with diamonds rocks

Deadly space trinkets

Laila Amado @onbonbon7

Asteroid belt shines

Studded with diamonds rocks

Deadly space trinkets

Jesus Garay @TheJesusGaray

No cause for alarm,

asteroid missed by *this* much,

but it did bring bugs

Joe F @frghtndmn

Hiding out among

The asteroids — waiting for

The invasion fleet

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