“ERROR” A #ScifaikuSaturday highlights post for 3/12/22

Kimberly @bionicanadian

 Space travel… error

expedition now canceled

humans are corrupt…

Jen Anderson @jenanderson731

Alarum bells sound

Error realized too late

Oxygen stores gone

Constant Paul @CnstantPaul

space navigation

destination Mother Earth

error page not found

Cross Mouse @cross_mouse

They looked for life on

The exurbs of Sol, but we

 Showed them their error.

Jenny Gaitskell @JennyGaitskell

I tripped over these

errors in my programming

they’re my best lines

give me the hiccups

make revels of my discords

ain’t life a glitch?

Abi Graham @AbiGraham3

Glitch in the Matrix,

Is human error to blame,

Or clever machines?

Paul M @pmll3r

in #error

the biodome

loses life

Alan Vincent Michaels @AlanVMichaels

Systems are crashing

The error was in coding

Mankind’s arrogance!

Jenn R-J @jennfel

archived files show

planetary systems crashed

from user error

Eric Lahti @ericlahti1

Seemed like an error

Glitchy code sparked new life form

AI is alive

Sarita Talwai @TalwaiSarita

404 error

System cannot find the file

That holds your sadness.

Valery Dion @ValeryKaye

No room for error

softly we must land our craft

on gossamer dust

Irene @_Irene_Dreams_

a ghostly voice calls

out from the crash site

error. error

Syreeta Muir @hungryghostpoet

she’d made an error

now she’s floating free, ah well

goodbye blue planet

Beth Cusack @BethCusack9

methinks these screen blinks

doth protest too much; error

displays displease me.

Ryan Dowes @RyanDowes

Timepodule error

defeated fail-safe system

trapping him in past

Martin Cullen @The_MCullen1809

Error of judgement

Storm of wicked arrogance

Death a heavy price

Matt Guntrip @MG_7_9

Error one nine four

Manual intervention

Command deleted

System over ride

No human input needed

Self sufficient code

Celia Reaves @Celia_Reaves

airless corridors

torn walls open to the stars

panel blinks: ERROR

Julie ☾*✲⋆. @ForgottenBeauty

Runtime error loop

Reclaiming Earth from

AI Frozen in the streets

John Everex @EverexJohn

unnoticed it waits

an algorithm error

covert extinction

Qualius-super-Mare @strawn_na

An error echos

Unraveling time and time

Again unravels

JLS @jlshipley16309

there is no #error

only the thing we observe

so Heisenberg says

G. L. Hancock, M.S. Ψ @GLHancock

That creation sprang

From chaos is no error

That’s how Cosmos works

Fennel @FennelSteuert

A peacock’s feathers

make beautiful tumbleweed

from cloning error

Alan Vincent Michaels @AlanVMichaels

An amazing find

buried on a distant world

Extraction error

𝕋𝕠𝕞 𝕄𝕚𝕥𝕔𝕙𝕖𝕝𝕝 @originaltoms

There’s no going back.

“We thought Martians were friendly!”

THAT was our error.

Jennifer Patino @thoughtthistles

alignment error

side-stepping revolving floors

mind glitch malfunction


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