Interview with Roppotucha Greenberg

Intrigued by the premise of her short story ‘Clones’ – Clones is about a man who keeps leaving clones of himself everywhere he goes. This troubles his partner – we asked if Roppotucha would like an interview.

1. How long do you have to write for each session before you get “in the groove?”

I actually write in short spurts of 15 to 30 minutes. My attention wanders otherwise. This way I can slot my writing into all sorts of unusual parts of the day,

2. Where does your inspiration come from?

I’ve been doing a lot of #Vss365 recently and that made me realise that words, just words on their own are great for getting inspiration. Sometimes I don’t write a story straight away upon getting the prompt. I let it sort itself out at the back of my mind. When it is ready, it feels it’s been there from the start.

3. If you could sit down with one writer from any period who would it be?

I’d say it would be amazing just to spend the day in the company of Haruki Murakami (he could bring cats or other animals) or Vikram Seth (imagine all the couplets)… or Tove Jansson whose moomins, hopefully, wouldn’t bother Murakami’s cats. Could we invite Isabel Allende as well, so we could have spirits. I know you said only one writer, but I think this way we would have a lot more fun.

4. If the universal super being came down right now and said, “I give you two choices. One, I will give you 100 million dollars for your work, but no one will ever be able to read a word you write, or two, you can never ever benefit even one dollar ever off of your work, but 100 million people will read every book you ever write. Which one do you pick?


That troll is obviously a spammer. Reminds me a genius who emailed me with a whole story about a covert mission in Iraq, a secret shed where a billion dollars had been found, a friendly Western doctor whom he thought he could trust to bring the money abroad, and finally me, his key to salvation; he just needed my bank details and was happy to part with a few million. … I would take the being’s million dollars, and then prove him wrong.

5. Elsha has started novels based on a picture and every scene Young writes is based on a song. How do other mediums of art influence your work?

In longer works (WIP), I sometimes try to imagine a background track for some scenes. I still have to see if it’s a good strategy though.

6. How do you select names for your characters?

I would ask them what they are called, but this is a bit rude. In most cases, I get other characters to ask them.

Roppotucha Greenberg
Roppotucha Greenberg writes sci-fi and magical realism stories. She has just recently won the Ad-Hoc weekly competition. One of her WIPs features a giant, and another is about lurking creatures of possibly extra-terrestrial origin. Greenberg’s own origin is quite murky and is bound with the fates of several large, evil, confused, and small countries.



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