“RESCUE” A #ScifaikuSaturday compilation post for 1/1/22

Ryan Dowes @RyanDowes

Our rescue mission

landed on Acheron

but found no survivors

Joe F @frghtndmn

Always a chance of

Being rescued in time and

Space by the Doctor

Kate @KateWheeling84

They wished to be

#rescued from the strange island

then longed to go back

Jesus Garay @TheJesusGaray

Matrioshka brain crash

rescue teams sent to salvage

Dyson denizens

Laila Amado @onbonbon7

One signal away

Rescue pods waiting to pounce

Cut adventure short

Matt Guntrip @MG_7_9

Species in decline

Supreme council order; wait

Self destructiveness…

Targeted rescue

No room for destructive genes

Filter the transfer

Rescue dimension

New planet available

Just for the peaceful

Jenny Gaitskell @JennyGaitskell

rescue droid

counting its blessings

one oh one

Alan Vincent Michaels @AlanVMichaels

We sought conscious life

Most of my crew died day one

I pray for rescue

NG @myartng

Impossible rescue mission

The enterprise is out of service

Captain Kirk is drunk

Constant Paul @CnstantPaul

the rescue droid

whether you need help or not


Valery Dion @ValeryKaye

The fragile craft clings

to a glassy sphere of ice

rescue must come soon

Eric Lahti @ericlahti1

Rebuild her circuits

Someone to talk to and hold

She was my rescue

John (jd) @JdeXpressions

escape &rescue pod

passed JWST Larange2 orbit point

a 14 year service life

Indigenous Soul @GeneVatow

Resurrection time

almost a rescue not quite

thread drawn through needles

Rick Milone @rwmilone

A virus unleashed

Rescued by mRNA

Life-force renewal

Jen Anderson @jenanderson731

Desolate wasteland

Craft crashed in a deep chasm

Rescue unlikely

Hawk&Young @HawkandYoung

 Distress call unheard

Suit up, divert power, go

She’d rescue herself

Hawk&Young @HawkandYoung

#scifansat #one

No one to rescue

Floating in space, music loud

The EMT waits

Heath Laws @heath_laws

Floats in the abyss

One final rescue attempt

Faints screams go unheard

Celia Reaves @Celia_Reaves

the AI ponders

which survivor to rescue

until it’s too late

Mark BurningHawk Baxter @MarkBurningHawk

#Rescue is easy;

#renewal takes energy

Lest orbits decay.

Mark BurningHawk Baxter @MarkBurningHawk

#Rescue inhaler

Nanobots bring life #anew

A magic bullet.

Sarita Talwai @TalwaiSarita

 To rescue mankind

We have to save animals

And not vice versa.

IntrigueVerse @IntrigueVerse

Adrift in debris

the rescue chances were slim

here in outer space

Fennel @FennelSteuert

Yes, the tech exists

to rescue you from whirlwind.

Why are you asking?

Qualius-super-Mare @strawn_na

No hope of rescue

Falling through the atrium

Of Hilbert’s Hotel

Ian Parkin @parkini422

After the rescue

For many years all seemed fine

Until the vapour

Dr C L Spillard @CandiSpillard

resurrection means

there’s no parting, after all!

grateful for rescue

A. A. Rubin @TheSurrealAri

“Help, please rescue us,”

Called to action once again.

Up, up, and away!

Roxanna @KrypticKro

~ humans ignoring

escalating conditions

there is no rescue.

Debbie Cribb Owens @CribbOwens

Rescue me quickly

Oxygen level is low

Panic level high

Siân Is Me @thesiansims

Mars #rescue ship waits

Station’s destruction begins

As everyone flees

NC @ncscrawls

wild trajectory

rescue dwindles with distance

my star-toothed escape

Jennifer Patino @thoughtthistles

agency rescue

jurisdiction of the truth

hiding in safety

Katherine Traverse @kattra

do not rescue me

from the Matrix—

leave me to my dreams


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