Interview of K.R. Garcia

1. How do you rank your writing compared to those you admire?

I try not to compare my writing to that of other writers. I believe that everyone has a different writing style and a different perspective on what “good” writing is. That said, my writing is still growing. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished, but I have so much more to learn!

2. How long do you have to write for each session before you get “in the groove?”

It depends on my project. For novels, it can take up to half an hour; for shorter fiction, inspiration can be instantaneous! The longer I’ve worked on a project, the more difficult it becomes to get in the groove.

3. Where does your inspiration come from?

I take mental snapshots everywhere I go – a broken music box, a glint of sunlight through a window, the slight tremble of a hand. There’s no end of inspiration if you go out and look for it! This works best for me when I find myself in new settings, like going on a walk, taking a different route, or spending time at a cafe.

4. When was that moment when you realized that language had power?

It was at the same time that I realized my stories could help people. Whether that help is the wisdom within the pages, a good story, or an escape from everyday life, it’s the underestimated magic of writing.

5. If you could sit down with one writer from any period who would it be?

Alexandre Dumas! His prose is so powerful, and his ability to interweave hundreds of storylines within one novel mesmerizes me. Also, I love his writing! I could learn so much from him. But first, I’d have to learn how to speak classical French!

6. If the universal super being came down right now and said, “I give you two choices. 1 – I will give you 100 million dollars for your work, but no one will ever be able to read a word you write, or 2 – You can never ever benefit even one dollar ever off of your work, but 100 million people will read every book you ever write. Which one do you pick?

I would choose the second option. Few things make me happier than someone talking to me about my stories, especially when their life has been turned upside-down by a mind shattering twist I’ve worked so hard to conceal! Also, I care so much about and work so hard on my writing, I would be sad if I was the only person who got to enjoy it.

7. What accomplishments do you want at the end of the year?

I want to do a #VSS365 story every day, finish revising my mystery/psychological thriller novel, and begin on the next steps of the publishing process. I also plan to do Camp NaNoWriMo in April and July and win NaNoWriMo in November!

K.R. Garcia

“K.R. Garcia has been creating stories since before she could hold a pencil and has participated in ten NaNoWriMo and Camp NaNoWriMo events. An avid Agatha Christie reader, she writes mainly in the mystery genre. She coaches a class for young writers. When she is not writing, she enjoys classic rock, psychology, and music boxes. You can find her on Twitter at @katerpillar43.”


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