Interview of Eli Steele AND GIVEAWAY!!

Eli Steele, interviewed below, is looking for readers and comments on his short ebook “Blood and Iron”. You can learn more about this epic fantasy below or check out the first three chapters on his website. Also, after the interview will be the details for entering to win a free copy!

1. When was that moment when you realized that language had power?

The first time a book moved me, I’m sure, though I don’t recall what it may have been. But fast forward to Blood Meridian by McCarthy, and I was reminded all over again. The man is powerful.

2. If you could sit down with one writer from any period who would it be?

Definitely Cormac McCarthy.

3. If the universal super being came down right now and said, “I give you two choices. 1 – I will give you 100 million dollars for your work, but no one will ever be able to read a word you write, or 2 – You can never ever benefit even one dollar ever off of your work, but 100 million people will read every book you ever write. Which one do you pick?

Take the money and run. Hands down. Recognition and affirmation are for the independently wealthy.

4. When did you know that writing was what you were going to make your life’s work? Or is it? Do you have a day job?

My day job is in the O&G industry, but about five years ago, I caught a taste of success and had several months where I realized I could survive on my words if I had to. The pressure to maintain that momentum also burned me out. I put writing in a drawer for about three years, but I’m back!

5. How long did it take to write this book?

3-4 weeks, but it’s only 26,000 words (novella length). Part 2, which is in progress, will take another month, give or take. So give me about 2 months and I can crank out a short novel if I have a concept in my head.

6. How long do you have to write for each session before you get “in the groove?”

Sometimes I never hit my groove during a session. Other times, it’s instant. It often depends on how much I’m into the particular portion of my story. It’s also how I know when I’ve veered off track.

7. What accomplishments do you want at the end of the year?

To get the 3 part arc of Blood & Iron published, so I can combine them into a paperback, and then take the week of Christmas to decide where the story goes next.

Blood and Iron: Part One by [Steele, Eli]

Amazon link here

Magic doesn’t exist, until a mage falls in the streets of Ashmor. In his last moments, he gives Rowan Vos, a thief for hire, a sword that will alter his future, and threaten not only his own life but the lives of everyone around him.

Eldrick D’Eldar returns from the Kingdom of Meronia with dire news – three decades of fragile peace is unraveling.

And Griffon Alexander, the son of a minor noble relegated to the borderland keep of Braewood, is about to face the culmination of all of these events.

“Blood and iron… Each craves the other. Drawn together since the hills were small, there is no separating them. Everything that we desire destroys us, Eleksandr. So, I’ll allow my axes what they crave. And if it ends them, then so be it, but I expect they will outlast me yet.” -Kren Redstorm

Read the free chapters here:

Now for the giveaway…

How? For every comment below on this post, or on the Facebook post of this interview on HawkandYoung, or a RT on Twitter of the post, you will be entered to win. Your name will be entered into a spreadsheet. We will use and enter the range of numbers from zero to the number of commenters and have it pick a random number. There will be at least 3 winners, maybe more if more comments are made. Comment with “I want to win!” or “Count me in!” or “Eli Steele rocks!” so we know you really want to get your hands on a free epic fantasy.

When? You must comment before October 1st to be entered to win. Drawing will be held on October 2nd, 2019. Winners will be notified by comment, DM, or by email. If you win, we will figure out how to contact you.

What? You may choose to receive a PDF, Epub, or Mobi file emailed to you.

Please, if you win, reciprocate with a comment on Amazon. It’s polite.

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